Vue.js Course for Beginners [2021 Tutorial]

Vue.js Course for Beginners [2021 Tutorial]
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gwendolyn faraday previously created one  of the most popular view courses on the  internet now she’s back with an all new  full view course to teach the latest  version to absolute beginners  hi everyone my name is gwendolyn faraday  and i will be your instructor for this  course  i have been a professional software  developer for over five years now and i  have had the opportunity to work in  several different languages and  frameworks over the years including  angular react and vue.js i currently  work as a software consultant in various  technologies  and use vue.js.


as my preferred front-end  framework for any type of web or mobile  application  if you would like to reach out to me you  can find me anywhere online at faraday  academy  if you have any specific feedback for  this course  please email me at gwenf at i hope you enjoyed this  course  vue.js is a javascript framework for  building applications and websites  how does it help you  it provides tools out of the box to help  you make your websites and apps faster  and more dynamic  and it also gives you a set of standards  for code organization and expectations .


for individuals and teams that work in  the same code base  if you have heard of the virtual dom  before vue.js is a virtual dom framework  if you don’t know what that is it’s okay  it’s not important for understanding  this course  the virtual dom basically makes  javascript web applications a little bit  faster and more efficient  vue by itself is extremely lightweight  you can get it down to about eight or  ten kilobytes gzipped  although in a practical sense your view  and bundled javascript will probably  never be that small in an application  anyway although.




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