Class Understanding Classes and Objects Using

Class Understanding Classes and Objects Using
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 I make it with  77.php name 77.php  yes 77 php  let’s understand. Ops is written here  and now we will see  what is oops . What we talked in the last video  we saw that in the last. Video  we use oops  something happens to oops  and classes and objects are created. From oops  class is template and from that object is created  actual entities which are. Made from class template  we have seen all those things. And we have also seen that  do not repeat yourself principle here  we use it here. We make it applicable  that if we have to do one thing ten times,


 that’s your problem if you haven’t seen the videos and I hope that I have told you so many times to access the playlist  and you must have seen it, I know you have seen it  so assuming that what I will do is I will move forward and here we will make a class  and here as I promised you, we will write GTA Vice City here  Now you must be playing GTA Vice City, you must be playing PUBG, you must have played such games  So we will understand the class according to such games  So I will make a class here,


I will name it Player  And I wrote here class Player  And I have prepared a template for a player  now suppose you are in a school  you are studying and you have to write the marks of the whole class  in maths, physics, chemistry, whatever subjects are there  so what will you do, you will make a template  you will say this is my template and you will fill in everyone’s marks  so what you will do or if you have to distribute the marks of each child  to different parents then what you will do is you will make a template  you will make it xerox all the children,




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