SQL Training | SQL Tutorial | Intellipaat

SQL Training | SQL Tutorial | Intellipaat
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Hey guys welcome to the session by in    telepath so we live in an era. Where data    is a most important asset and it is    being used at the heart .Of every    decision making process and that’s why    it becomes very important for us to .   Learn sequel so that we can mine data    very easily and also with. Greater    efficiency so keeping this in mind we    have come up with. An end-to-end sequel    developer course so that you can learn.    All the major concepts of sequel and    before we go ahead and start a session .


 Do subscribe to our channel and like and    share a video so that. We can create more    such infinitive content right    so .That’s how quick glance said the    agenda we’ll start off by understanding . What exactly is a database and learn how    to create and use a database after that.  We’ll learn how to create a table and    then learn how to extract data. From it    with various clauses and operators going    ahead. We will learn how to join    different tables using. Different joint    statements falling which will work with    different inbuilt functions.


And    user-defined functions after that we’ll    work with stored. Procedures and    transactions in sequel and finally we’ll  .Learn how to implement exception    handling    so what exactly is a database. Well    simply put it’s just an organized    collection of details that are stored in    an electronic format more specifically a    database is an electronic system that    allows us to easily access mine plate    and update the data now the modern    databases are managed using something    known as a database management system so    a database management system.




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