Create Selenium Course for Beginners

Create Selenium Course for Beginners
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Selenium is a portable framework for    testing web applications. Jim from    gymshape coding teaches this selenium    course    he has create. Many popular courses both    on the free co-cam channel and his own    channel. Hi everyone and welcome to the    python selenium series. Where we will    learn how to create user interface.    Automation for websites so selenium is    widely used. And it is very popular for a    great reason because it can help. You to    create tests for your web applications    and it can also help you to create   .


Online bots which is very nice so in    this series we are going to learn how to    use selenium from the basics and later    on we will learn how to create an online    bot that will report the cheapest deals    from a booking website and this series    is really going to include some great    episodes so be sure to hit the subscribe    button as well as click the bell    notification so you will never miss an    episode from this entire series so grab    a cup of coffee and let’s get started    great so before we really get started we    need to understand that.


 the second    one being the text that we expect to    have after 30 seconds so i will just    comment here those down so i will say    here element    filtration and as the second one we will    say the expected    text    like that all right so the way that we    are going to identify the element that    we’d like to check is by using the by    class now this is just another approach    finding elements in a web page so it is    not going to look complex so it is as    easy as saying here something like so i    will just create a tuple in here and    then i will start my filtration so we’d.




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