Python Tutorial Full Course for Beginners drop box

Python Tutorial  Full Course for Beginners drop box
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Hi, my name is Mosh, and I’m going to be your instructor in this   course. In this course, you’re going to learn everything you need to get started programming in Python.  is one of the most popular programming languages, and every day people use it to do    cool things like automation, they use it in AI, as well as    building applications and websites like Instagram and Dropbox. So if you’re looking    for a job, Python is for you. In this course I’m going to teach you everything     you need to get started with .


We’re going to talk about all the core concepts  in Python, and then we’re going to build three  projects togethere. Here’s the first project we’re going to build. We’re going to learn how to create this beautiful website for an imaginary grocery store. Here on the homepage we can see all    of the products in the shop, and we also have an admin area for managing the    stock. We’re going to build this using a popular Python framework called Django.     Now if you have never built a website before  don’t worry.


I will teach you everything from scratch.     You’re also going to learn how to use Python in <a href=””>machine learning, or artificial intelligence.     So you will learn how to write a Python programming that will predict    the music that people like based on their profile. Just like how YouTube    recommends videos based on the videos you have watched before. I will also show you     python to automate boring repetitive tasks that waste your time.   You will write a Python program that will process thousands of spreadsheets    in under a second.




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