Python Backend Web Development Course (with Django)

Python Backend Web Development Course (with Django)
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This comprehensive course is for absolute  beginners, and will teach you back end web    development with Python. You will learn the  basics of Python and Django and create a few    projects along the way. Tommy has created  many popular courses, both on his own channel    and on the Free Code Camp channel. Hey guys,  welcome to this back end web development course    with Python. In this course, we’re going to  be learning everything you need to know to    start your web development journey with Python.  Let’s take a quick look at the agenda of this    video. First, we will start from learning  Python, which is a programming language we’re    going to use in this video.


In the Python  tutorial, there’ll be lots of exercises in    which we’re going to do together just to get  comfortable with the Python programming language.    Once we are familiar with Python, we will  move straight into Django. Now Django is a    Python framework, which is used for building  server side web applications. In the Django    tutorial, we will learn all the concepts you  need to know while getting started into January.    After that, we’re gonna build three different  projects using Django. The project we’re gonna    do a blog application.

Chat weather detector  program, and a real time chat application    using Django. We’re gonna build out this project  so you get familiar with building your own    project in jungle. After that, you are going  to get introduced into API’s with Django,    you will learn how you can view the rest API’s  in Django using the Django rest framework.    And I hope that after this video, you’ll be  comfortable with building your server side    web applications using Django. Now, I have  some free resources like a Django roadmap    Python data structure cheat sheet,





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