Class Photoshop Advanced Tutorial

Class Photoshop Advanced Tutorial
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Hello hello everyone my name is dave  casuto instructor for learn. It  welcome to our advanced photoshop class  perhaps you’ve already watched my intro. To photoshop class and are hungry for  more photoshop fun  well in this. Advanced class we follow up  on the last set of topics and get. Into a  ton of more cool stuff  well what will you learn. Exactly  we start off by really taking ownership  of photoshop learning how to customize  our interface shortcuts and tools  we’ll then get into some invaluable  layer management.


techniques followed up  by layer comps a few lessons on the  power of blending modes  advanced selection techniques an  overview of working with vector shapes  and paths and of course we then do a  deep dive into a ton of other filter  options available in photoshop and so  much more  now this course is designed to be an  interactive hands-on course so  occasionally you’ll hear me say things  like  pause the video and practice on your own  so make sure you download the class  files from the link below to do so  this will ensure.


  have a  lot of sort of perfection around things  so you want to have those grids there  when you finally do snap to those grids  everything falls in line according to  that layout that you have here  okay and then the last thing i’m going  to show you is this file handling  now this is something that i always  recommend even in the beginner classes  to  save your work often of course but  sometimes we don’t save our work and  sometimes photoshop crashes so this file  handling will actually address some of  that issue if photoshop.




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