Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in C++ Course

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in C++ Course
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Hi everyone and welcome my name is  saldina i am a software. Engineer  and i make programming related videos on.  Code beauty youtube channel   in this video i want to talk about .  So  object oriented programming this course  will start on a beginner basic level . Then as the course progresses we  will see some of the more  advanced concepts i will explain those  advanced concepts i will show you  how you can implement  all of those concepts in code you can  find the full content of this course  in the description of this video.


so make  sure to check that out   then if you want to see some  different examples if you want to learn  more c plus and you want to upgrade your  knowledge  i have a lot more videos like this one  on my channel so i invite you to visit  code beauty youtube channel   i’m going to see you there in some  other video so let’s start  with this video so the first thing that  i want to explain is what  is oop what is object oriented  programming  oop is programming paradigm which means  that  it is a set of rules and ideas  concepts it is basically a standard in  programming .


that we use to solve a specific type of  problem  now besides object-oriented paradigm  there are other  programming paradigms as well you may  ask why  well we as humans have a lot of  different types of problems   our computers help us solve those  different types of problems  and if one paradigm is good to solve one  type of problem for example  that does not necessarily mean that it  is good to solve  all other types of problems that we have  so  the idea behind object-oriented paradigm  is  we want to be able to represent  real-life  objects real-life entities together.





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