Microsoft Excel Tutorial – Beginners Level 1

Microsoft Excel Tutorial – Beginners Level 1
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hi there Jamie keyed here today at    teachers tech hope you’re having a great    day today we’re going to look at a    beginner’s tutorial on Microsoft Excel    so I’m gonna go through this tutorial    and show you just a basic lay out some    terminology how to input your data how    to format your data how to work with    functions how to work with formulas how    to work with charts and how to do some    printing at the end so there’s lots    packed in here I’m going to throw in    some tips for you too so that when    you’re done this that you feel    comfortable maybe advancing your levels    to the next one I’ll put out some other    videos about Microsoft Excel to help    with that process too but if you’re    looking for any parts of this video just    look down below in the description and    I’m gonna timestamp everything so you    can just jump to that part if there’s    something specifically you’re looking up    remember I do these weekly tech tips and    if you’re looking for other Microsoft    products or any other tech products just    hit that subscribe button and hit that    little notification so when my new    videos come out you’ll get notified    right away so today let’s start on this    Microsoft Excel beginners tutorial    I’m just gonna go ahead and open up my    Microsoft Excel here I just have it in    my taskbar so when I open this up just    something to know I am using Windows 10    and Microsoft 2016 but if you’re using    other versions this beginners tutorial    will match quite closely to a large    percentage of it so just some first    things as you open up your Microsoft    Excel you can see I might have on the or    you might have some recent files if you    have opened up things before these are    just going to go in order of how old    they are from top to bottom but if    there’s something important that you    want or there’s a worksheet that you can    that you want all the time and to stay    on the top just notice this little pin    here and if you click the pin it just    will be at the pin to the top so he can    quickly find what you’re looking for or    you can unpin it and put it back in the    order so another thing is we have all    these great templates here I’m a big fan    of templates once you know kind of what    you’re doing and this in this tutorial    that I’m doing today will help you maybe    get to that step where you can save a    lot of time making some    professional-looking work workbooks just    from using the templates and modifying    them somewhat but there’s lots of    templates to choose from you know for    homework or school use right through    here or you can even search online here    but the best way to learn first is    starting from a blank blank workbook    what I’m gonna open up and just    understanding the basics of it so I’m    gonna go ahead and open up a blank    workbook here and when it opens up you    should get a view similar to this or    maybe if you’re in a little different    version it might be slightly different    and if you look around and now this is    similar to other Microsoft products too    but across the top we have all these    tabs and so whether you’re on Word or    Excel or PowerPoint we have tabs across    the top that you can click on to see    something underneath them and that thing    underneath them is called the ribbon so    if I go to my home one which tends to be    kind of one of the ones that you’re on    lots you can see this is the ribbon    through here so in the ribbon you have    groups you can see here so this group    right here would be my font group this    is my alignment group through here at    the different groups are named so we go    from our tab to our ribbon to a group    and sometimes what shows up here there’s    not enough room so you can see that    there’s this little button here to push    if I click this you’ll even get some    more options on this so that’s just kind    of your basic walk through if you use    other Microsoft products this will be    familiar but those are just some of the    terminologies to start with we have our    tabs and then a ribbon and then our    groups so Microsoft Excel you can see so    what we have in Microsoft Excel we have    if I just click on a on the letter C    this is a column and then if I click    here on the number 4 this is a row and    now there’s your you’re not gonna run    out of these columns or rows there’s so    many can’t remember the exact number but    if you screw you can keep scrolling and    put a tremendous amount of data into    this here now an individual spot is    called a cell so where the two places    meet so where this Row 3 and C meet    right here this is called a cell    whatever cell i click on notice it will    show up here in the top left hand corner    here so as I click on different ones we    have f6 you can see and I click on and    c7 if I grab a bunch of cells that’s    called a range on it so a range is going    to be a group of cells all together and    that’s these all these things you’re    going to be using as you learn more    Microsoft Excel because you’re gonna be    taking the data and from whether it be a    cell or a range and then trying to apply    formulas and functions to it so inside    this one range could would go from in    this case you can see the top left-hand    corner which would be C 4 all the way    down to K 17 and that would represent    that range from there now when I click    on each cell right now all these cells    are empty so if I click on a cell    whatever you see in a cell is going to    be right up top here so you can see it’s    empty here so if I write something right    here so if I just write something up    here it will go into that cell and if I    click on the cell it will show me    exactly what’s in there so you can    always check to see what’s in the cell    you can write up when you’re on a cell    you can write something up here or you    can write in the cell here and if I    raise something else you can see it just    goes right in here so a couple other    things to talk about just before we get    starting started in putting our data is    so this whole thing is called a workbook    that you’re gonna be working in here    though so when I open it up I open up a    workbook but within the workbook you    have worksheets and you can see down at    the very bottom here we’re on sheet 1    you can add more sheets here you can see    I can just click new sheet and as they    click new sheets now I have sheet 2 I    can click again g3 and I can rename    these sheets just by double clicking on    them and calling them something else so    if I just wanted if this was gonna be an    example of I’ll just write data and you    can see I can name each of these and I    actually can drag these around in    different orders if I wanted to change    them around too so that’s just some    terminology to start off it’s important    to know that just as you’ve read through    and add more things you’re gonna see    when they talk about cells or ranges in    the worksheets when we taught start    talking about different things with    formulas and functions later on in this    video so let’s get started with entering    in some data and then we can get going    on formatting that too    ok so it’s time to start entering some    data now the one thing I’m going to do    before is make it larger so I can see    things a little bit better and then    you’ll be able to see things a little    bit better so how I’m gonna do this you    can go to view up top right here and    when you click on it you can see you    have soom options where you can zoom up    and when I hit OK it gets larger the    other thing you can do at the bottom    right hand corner there’s this little    slider with a zoom you can see how I can    adjust it very quickly to like that so    I’m gonna go back to my home and now    this will just make it a little easier    to work with so I’m gonna be entering    the data I’m going to be using and    manipulating today is going to be the    top 10 grossing movies of all time so    I’m just gonna enter some titles and    then just do some formatting show you    some basic formatting zhan text so I’m    gonna write this in so we’re gonna start    with the rank and    then we’re gonna have our title and then    we’re gonna have our studio name who    made it and then we’ll have our    worldwide grossing income and then we’ll    have our domestic and    then we’re gonna have our overseas and    one more we’re gonna have a year so I    just quickly typed in and what I was    doing was tabbing over each time to when    I was done a certain cell so here’s how    you move around you can click I can    click in any cell to move around but    what I tend to do when I’m typing all    tab and if I hit tab it moves to the    right if I hold shift down when I tab it    moves to the left you know I ever hit    enter it will move down if I hold shift    down and hit enter it will move back up    you can also use the arrow or sometimes    I’ll use the arrows and you can just    arrow your way around your worksheet too    so I have these titles here and you can    see everything kind of fit in across the    top here because the words weren’t too    long worldwide is getting a little    squishy in here at any time if you do    need some extra room if you hover right    around that you can see right in the    middle when you get this handle you can    stretch out your stretch out your    different columns or you can stretch out    different rows but the one thing is not    to worry about if it’s overlapping it’s    not really messing up anything so for    instance if I was I’m just gonna write    some I’ll say studios in the United    let’s say in the US so notice that right    now it looks like it’s going in 2d so if    I click out of it it stops right here    and if I click into it it didn’t mess up    this cell at all you know even though    you can’t see it at all that doesn’t    mean it’s messed up so what you can do    is this is where you can stretch out    your cell like this if you ever want to    make a change remember just use the back    arrow or ctrl Z and you’ll go back the    other thing you can do if you just    double click in between those you’ll    instantly it will just fix it for you to    even without dragging so those are just    a couple options that you can do to    quickly make those adjustments and    remember on the slide you can get that    handle on the same thing so you can    adjust those two so if we’re formatting    maybe you want to make it look nicer you    can quickly change if I click on a    single cell and if I was gonna write    something now so maybe I wanted to add    something the rank and I click on it    once it will just disappear    now the reason if you want a format    inside that cell and maybe I want it    ranking you have to double click in it    and then I could add it that would be    one way another way is if I click once I    can just go up top here and type it in    up in this spot too so just know that if    you click on it once and try to write    something in it it’s gonna delete it on    it you need to double click on it or go    right up top here so I’ll just undo    those ones and so the next thing what    we’re gonna do is just some basic    formatting you can see this works like    Microsoft Word if you’ve used that    before so if I click on it you can see I    can quickly change my text on it I can    change the size notice how it’s    disappearing right away so it may be    double click here and it instantly    changes to this double click here and it    fixes it for me too if I wanted to    change the whole row at once I can click    on it and now I can go back and adjust    maybe I wanted that smaller if I wanted    it bold and maybe I wanted a different    color like blue on it you can see now    that I’ve made it bigger things aren’t    quite fitting in the right places so    then I need to adjust those columns and    remember it doesn’t it won’t affect the    formulas or anything as this is just how    it looks so we can fix it so again if I    double click on it you can see how I can    instantly fix these very very quickly on    it so those are just some formatting    things to make it look nice it doesn’t    change or doesn’t wreck anything to have    them overlapping but to visually look at    it it’s just a quick thing to do so I’m    just gonna hit bold let’s bold all these    I’m gonna double click on here and just    get I’m just gonna call this studio and    I don’t want it that large I’ll just    double click on it so now we have our    titles the other thing you can do is you    can add so you can just you can select    by dragging it    you can add borders to different things    too so you can see through here I could    add borders between each of them if I    wanted to border around it just click in    here and you can kind of go through and    you can draw borders and you have    different options on the styles through    it so you can then you change how thick    and everything you want on your border    too so if I click off it – now you can    kind of see that that line that goes    around it in a lot of this is for visual    maybe helping as you’re working through    it or when you’re printing it off    because if you print it off these cells    don’t show off I show up these are blank    you need to add borders and everything    if you’re printing it off and you wanted    the the outline around certain things    make sure you add your borders and then    your colors and then it’s just easier to    look at a spreadsheet especially when    printing off and finding different areas    the other thing you can do if you notice    the Styles right over here so if I click    on this and I want this whole row in a    certain way so if I click down maybe I    want a certain heading on this and you    can see right here it will add the    heading to it and then it’s all it’s    adjust in a hurry so you can use these    styles to quickly adjust on these – all    right so we have some titles here I’m    just gonna take a moment and enter in    some data so rather than watching I’ll    just stop and we’ll get back when I    entry out in a bunch more so I’ve    entered in some of my data from a    website that I have on the top 10    grossing movies of all time you can see    there’s a little bit more formatting to    do now a different way to format and    I’ve already showed you that changing    the width of this here but what you    could do is another way and I’m gonna    make sure this whole column is this    let’s select it so I apply this notice    that we have wrap text when I click on    wrap text what it does is it wraps the    text in that in that cell so it goes to    a new line within it so I can read    everything without changing that the    width to it so if you just wanted to    kind of it creates you can see it did    widen everything through here but this    just makes it so if you don’t want a    super wide cell you could just wrap the    text instead so the next thing I want to    do with this I kind of want to add a    main title here and I can insert rows so    I can insert more rows even after I have    something I’ll set up like this so I’m    just gonna right on this and I’m gonna    go to insert here so I selected the    whole row and then I’m gonna hit insert    notice now everything kind of moved down    and I have a brand new row to it so I’m    gonna write down give me give us a title    here and I’ll say top grossing movies of    mmm all-time here okay so I have a title    of this but this title would be nice if    it was kind of centered on top of this    here but I have all these cells so this    is an a1 and this stretches all the way    over to g1 so what I can do with this    now is if I select the cells all the way    to G here and then I go and hit merge    and center    notice now it took that it took all    those cells and made it one cell kind of    merge them all together and then Center    that title for me so again I can go    through here and I can maybe I’ll add    another I’ll just add a style to this    I’ll call it heading 1 and now I have a    title to it like so so I made a little    bit of more formatting so I’ve wrapped    my tax tight added a title and merged it    now what I’m gonna do is these are in    dollars right through here so these are    in billions of dollars I just use the    abbreviated apart just like I took off    the internet but these are in billions    of dollars now I could highlight    multiple rows and apply something but in    this case because I’m not sure what I’m    gonna do down here yet I’m just gonna    select the area with the money in it and    notice right here we have a dollar    symbol and if I click it it    automatically puts it into a dollar    format here and gives me the decimals    just like the currency now I can pick    different currencies here also so you    can see I could switch from US Canada    United Kingdom and so on it’ll make the    adjustments to those dollars on it so    how does this look if I was printing it    a couple and I’m gonna show you right    here and something I want you to point    out notice that this dotted line that    goes through right here that is the    print line of the page the current    settings and everything so everything    within if it’s within this dotted    perforated line right here should be    fine to print I just noticed this    ranking I don’t need this whole thing    this wide for those small numbers so I’m    just gonna change it you can see now I    would have a little bit more room if I    go over to my file here and I’m just    gonna click on print it gives me a    preview here what it would look like    when I print it noted the notice that    the cells don’t come up the style that I    picked did come up through here so it’s    nice to have that style to break through    things up if I wanted everything in more    of a cell format if I was highlighting    everything through here so I just    dragged my mouse down I could go up and    choose maybe I wanted those borders    around everything I could pick and    choose I’m just gonna go to all borders    to make this quick and now if I go back    to my file and my print you can see how    it’s adjusted so if I was just printing    now to my printer I can adjust this and    this goes the same thing if you wanted    color in certain parts so maybe I wanted    this ranking a colored here I could pick    a certain cell maybe if I wanted this    orange right here and I could bold my    numbers on this one and remember you can    Center just like in Word and everything    I could if I wanted everything centered    in here I could highlight everything and    Center to adjust to that way so those    are some more just basic formatting here    and get in if you wanted to print what    you had so far you can always check to    see under the print what things would    look like now to get everything kind of    looking very well it because it just    makes things so much easier to analyze    that the data when you’re if you’re    printing it and showing it to somebody    they’ll be able to find things very very    quickly    okay so let’s start now with what makes    Excel powerful and that’s formulas so    formulas are of course an equation but    it’s when you’re taking a cell because    you want if the cell changes the formula    will change so let’s go ahead here’s an    example if I was just clicking here and    you always need to start a formula with    an equal sign so if I hit equals and I’m    gonna choose a cell so actually I could    use a number here so if I go equals to    and I’ll say times two and I’m just    going to hit enter and I get four so I    could use Excel like a calculator you    you may see four here but that’s    actually not what’s in this cell now    look at the four and now look up top    here you can see what actually is in    this one so there’s a formula here    equals two times two even though there’s    four over here so if you wanted to solve    something really quickly in Excel just    put the equal sign in and then write the    formula after that now if I click on    these cells you can see it’s just a    number but this is a formula here so    sometimes you might need to look in this    spot right up here to see the formula    inside this is the formula bar so I’m    just going to go ahead and delete this    so let’s apply a formula now to our    spreadsheet that we have over here so    let’s say I wanted to know the    percentage of domestic versus worldwide    so I want to put it right after domestic    here so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna    click on this F row right click and hit    insert now this is going to give me    isidro I meant to call them this is    going to insert another column right    here rate this side here so now I’m    gonna enter in the information here but    I want an equation so the first thing I    said you always start with in an    equation is just double clicked in here    I could write it in the formula bar – I    give it a an equal sign so I start with    an equal and now this is the powerful    part so if I click on domestic I want to    take whatever is in III and then the    divide sign is they so I’m going to put    the divide sign is this one right here    through here so I want to divide III by    d3 I’m gonna hit enter and notice that    they went to 27 cents but that’s because    I formatted earlier with dollar signs    and I don’t want dollar signs on this    one I want a percent so if I go click on    this one notice I have a percent symbol    rate up here and I can click it and it’s    27 percent maybe you want more accurate    and different percentages notice that I    talked about this little button before I    could add I’ll go to two decimal places    and I can adjust it a little bit more if    you want that a little bit more exact    now here’s the great part with Excel so    if I click in this cell so I could go    through and go down and do every single    one and it would work out fine but the    formula that I gave III divided you can    see if I click on this cell here’s the    formula it’s saying divide a 3 by 3    now if I click on this right here in the    bottom right hand corner notice I get if    I hover over in this I have this little    square this is kind of a copy the cell    down I’m going to drag it down and I    want to copy it all the way down look    what it just did for me it did the form    so now as I click on each one now it’s    efore divided by d 4 e 5 divided by e    phi divided by d 5 it copies all the way    down I didn’t have to spend time I just    made that one cell then the way I wanted    it it knows when I Drive when I drag    that down and copied everything to    adjust it to the side so let’s do this    again with the over C so I’m going to    click on this one I’m gonna right-click    insert another column it goes to the    left here I’m gonna get make a formula    here so I’m gonna hit my equals I’m    gonna click on my overseas and then I’m    gonna hit my divide sign here and then    I’m gonna click on my worldwide hit    enter again didn’t want money I’m gonna    hit my percentage make an adjustment    here back to my two    percentages    grab this little handle get that little    black cross right here and drag it down    and I get all these percentages that    fill in automatically so that is a power    of a formula and copying it through    using a percent symbol you can do it in    so many you know once you have your your    your numbers in you can just set up    these formulas and then we get so easy    now why are they so great to let’s say    there was an error in something or this    changes or you were updating it the next    year so if this domestic number changed    now let’s say if I changed it to nine    hundred I’ll have nine hundred so I’ll    make it larger notice that this number    changed automatically because it’s    connected to the cell and so it knows    how to adjust automatically to it and    now this is the power of spread and how    it works so well in Excel so you can    play around with some this is just the    beginners one so there’s so much more    you can do with formulas and there’s    more adjustments but that’s for a    different tutorial but try some basic    basic formulas in your spreadsheet to    see how it works and how it can save you    some time now but let’s not go look at    some of the functions that even can save    you some even more time here’s a tip    before I get into some more formulas and    functions here and I’m gonna zoom up to    show you this tip here so I’m gonna try    to zoom up and I’m gonna move over all    the way to the left notice now we have a    little bit of the actually going to zoom    up a little bit more here and notice now    we have some of the last few cells we    can see so a handy feature if I look    under the view here is freeze pane so    let’s say if I wanted to be all the way    I wanted to be able to kind of look at    the rank and then look at the numbers    over here but I just want to make sure    that I’m looking at the right spot if I    go ahead and click on freeze pane here    you can see I can freeze panes top row    first column well I want to freeze this    column here now you might have a    different spreadsheet setup for a    different purpose but if I click on it    now if I was going over notice it stays    in that ranking so I can compare things    all the time to that rank and so it just    makes it really visually easy to kind of    scroll through to where if it whether it    be rows or columns and you can compare    it to that first thing you can turn it    off very quickly like so I’ll just go    back out a bit so you can see everything    alright so let’s talk about some more    formulas and functions here just kind of    save you some time and I’ll actually    I’ll zoom out just a little touch more    here so I’m gonna write the word total    right here sort o ttle and    so i just showed you a formula with like    using it like a calculator where you hit    the equal sign and then you could just    select the cells that you want so i    could do the same thing if I wanted to    add up all these different ones in the    worldwide to get a total amount I could    hit the equal sign and then click on a    certain one I hit the hit the plus go to    the next one hit the plus hit that go on    to the next one and    he had enter when I be all done it would    give me mount it would work fine now    here’s a quicker way to do it here I’m    just gonna go over two formulas here and    what you can see is autosum another way    you can do it if you’re on your home    notice all the way over to your right    you get Auto sum right up here but I’m    going to just be in formulas right here    and I’m gonna click on autosum and it    just instantly highlighted all this I    don’t really need this sell it gave me a    range and I talked about ranges earlier    on I’m just gonna highlight the exact    range I need here so it says equals sum    everything between D 3 and d 12 so in    this case and you could just write if    you know the different functions I could    hit equals and write the word sum and    then the range and it’s gonna take care    of the job for me so if I hit enter it    gives me a sum of everything here and    same thing as I showed you before you    can copy over you drag that little    handle grab that little square drag it    over and it just does it for you here    the other thing you can do I could copy    so if I go right click copy and then    maybe I want it over here and right    click and paste it will do the same    thing for me so I can put it to a    specific spot and notice when this one    is selected right now it shows me some G    3 to G 12 and it did G 3 here 2 all the    way to G 12 so here’s another one so if    I wanted to    rate average so if I was typing average    I want to know the average amount so    let’s look under recently used here and    usually this one is gonna be rate up top    so you can see I just did some and now    I’m gonna click on average what do I    want to average it’s asking for a range    looks like better click on here just one    the sec here I’ll go back I’m gonna    click it’s going to ask for a range here    and then what’s my range it’s gonna be    this one right here and I’m gonna hit    enter and now I have average of all    these and the same thing I can copy it    over I could copy it all the way over    and now it even averaged this but let’s    say I didn’t want that and I could    change that to a percentage if I go back    to my home hit percent and    gives you a total amounts right through    here so you can see how quickly and    again if any of these change so if this    was changing to a bigger a larger number    and hit enter everything changes because    it’s connecting to it so I’m gonna hit    undo because that wasn’t accurate so if    I go back you can see under formulas    there are so many in here now each each    of these can be a video by themself    explaining how these all work and this    shows the power of Microsoft Excel here    as you go through you can look at all    the different ones and it’s about    understanding how to set your worksheet    up and once everything is set up and as    you understand Microsoft Excel more it    just makes your life a lot easier when    you’re kind of processing all this all    this data together but then as one thing    changes it just will fix your    percentages or amounts very very quickly    for you so that’s just kind of an    introduction to your formulas and    functions if you’re starting off basic    with some of your spreadsheets you can    use these basic ones and as you learn    more start to start looking at some of    the other ones so the last thing I    wanted to show you today in this    beginners Microsoft Microsoft Excel    tutorial is how to create a great chart    to kind of display your information    so I’m just gonna show you how to graph    or chart your information really quickly    I’m gonna go do a different video on    this to kind of expand it but something    before we get to that and I hadn’t    pointed it out yet and if you’re used to    Microsoft Information are the products    that tell me up top here so if you’re    ever looking for something in here if    you just click in here so for instance    if I’m looking for a charts if I start    typing anything it’s gonna show me the    information right up top here so if you    can’t find something in the tabs or in    the ribbon I just go ahead and start    typing what you’re looking for and it’s    gonna find it for you here okay so    that’s just a handy feature through all    the Microsoft products but so when we    put a chart in that’s gonna be under the    insert here now I’m going to show you    one way here just a simple way here    today for this beginners tutorial and    I’m gonna just want to chart the title    and the worldwide gross on so what I’m    gonna do is I’m gonna highlight this    right through here so I’m gonna    highlight all these different titles    here I’m gonna hold down control so what    holding down control allows me to do is    it the slot allows me to select    different parts of it so I held out    control and I could have two different    areas highlighted and that’s what I want    to chart in here so I’m gonna just go    ahead and click on recommended charts    here so you can kind of see it gives you    some examples right away here you can go    to all charts if you wanted to look    through if I wanted a pie chart for this    example I’m just gonna go to a normal    bar graph like I said I’ll do a    different video all about graphing to    show you more information on it but I’m    just going to go ahead and hit OK and so    real quickly what it did it took it took    that information that I selected and put    it into a graph now it might not be but    for me it’s not finished yet because I    maybe I want to add a title so I just    double click in here and I can add a    title so if it was top grossing movies    here and I’ll just leave it there and so    I’ve added a title but what you’ve    noticed here on if you wanted more    things so if you wanted your axes if I    click on this for chart elements you can    see I have that maybe I want a title on    the side so maybe I wanted to I’ll put    in all to say in billions here and I can    just start adjusting so make sure my    charts are coming out the exactly the    way I want to so you can look at the    different formatting options if I wanted    to change it you can hover over so maybe    if I like this one a little bit better I    can click on this one and then it’s    adjust adjusted so really simple to    start some basic charts on this one so    if I was putting it down below I can    drag this around and maybe I wanted to    see what everything was going to look    like when I print it you can see right    now uh since I have the chart selected    that’s what it’s going to be printed    right here if I click off of it and go    to back to my print and now it’s the    whole page right here and now notice    that I might have to make some    adjustments because some of the some of    the information is off the page I’m    missing some of the years so maybe I    want to make some adjustments to my    columns or choose a different type of    page to print on so this is just your    kind of your general overview of    Microsoft Excel for beginner just if you    haven’t used it before in showing you    some of the power behind it I’m gonna    have some other some other videos about    Microsoft Excel to maybe help you    increase how much you could use and how    effectively you could use it if you did    like it they hit that like button give    me any ideas what you might like to see    in Microsoft Excel tutorial just write    it in the comments down below thanks for    watching this week and I’ll see you next    time on teachers tech    


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