Have Manual Software Testing Training Part-2

Have Manual Software Testing Training Part-2
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All right so before starting uh today’s  session  so let’s recap what. We have discussed in  the previous session and. Then we’ll  move forward so yesterday’s session we   seen like. What is software  and what are the different types of.  Softwares and  we have understood what is software  testing and software quality  and also we  seen the differences  between project and product  and also we  seen why do we need to  conduct testing on the application  and also we have seen the differences  between error bug and failure  and finally we have discussed why.

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the customer  so in each and every activity should go  in different phases  okay so what sdlc means stlc is a  software development lifecycle  which is a process used by software  industry  to design develop and test the software  okay so this is a basic definition of  sdlc sdlc is a step-by-step process  which we  to follow  to deliver or to develop test and  deliver the software to the customer  so if you don’t have proper process it  is very difficult to achieve it  right so we need to have some process so  if i take any company there are three  p’s are there guys  three p’s are very.


important so one p is  people and the second p is  process and the third p is product so  these are the three main things or we  can say three pillars of any company  not only id company so what p first p  means people  so the company means there should be  some people  and they do some kind of development or  testing whatever so people are very very  important  without people there is no company so  this is one pillar  the second thing is we have to follow  certain process  right if you want to achieve something  we should have some process and we have  to go.




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