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In this video you will learn how to be  confident in the water . And you will learn to swim in a relaxed  manner if you. Are interested please  continue watching this video. Welcome to the channel these are  swimming lessons that. Everyone should do  when starting to learn to swim however.  These lessons are not only for beginner  swimmers but. Also for those who  regularly train and for example take. Part in iron man events  a person experiences completely  different feelings in water than on land  it is preferred that a person learns to  swim as a child since

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it is easier for a  child to learn new skills  however if this is not the case then as  an adult you might have a harder time  learning and filling  water  your vestibular system has to get used  to different body positions which leads  to subconscious stenches  people can learn to swim by doing  different kinds of swimming drills  their most important rule is you must be  relaxed in  water  when a swimmer is in a stressful  situation they become frightened  they start panicking and immediately get  tense  due to stress our body freezes  such movements waste a lot of energy.


but  don’t help us to stay on the surface and  swim forward  human body doesn’t naturally float  on  top of  water if  body  doesn’t have air in the lungs  when a swim is tired and tense  diving into  water can compare to the  feeling of a stone in  water  i want you to remember one important  rule  when you have air in your lungs water  will push you up to  surface  however when you breathe your air out  water will not support  body  there is no difference between a body  with no air and a stone  [Music]  everyone should get used to being in  water.




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