I tried 50 Programming Courses. Here are Top 5.

I tried 50 Programming Courses. Here are Top 5.
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this is my udemy Wall of Shame most  courses that I started I never finished  and that’s only udemy if I start going  through all the courses that I did not  finish on YouTube Coursera or Udacity  this video can go on for hours in fact  the average completion rate of online  courses stands at around 15 the speakers  as a beginner you ought to see fast  Improvement in your skills and you don’t  necessarily need to know everything on  the face of the Earth but many of these  courses are purposely made very long to  make you think that you are getting a  great value for your money but they  don’t provide much value for your time  today I want to tell you about the top 5  online courses that I found some of  these courses are from renowned  universities like Harvard and Princeton  these courses are going to help you  learn different skills that you need as  a programmer so you cannot just pick one  let’s do this  foreign  starting your programming Journey with  the same course that a Harvard student  would take after paying 65 000 for the  first Year’s tuition it sounds unreal  right what if I tell you that you can  actually do that without paying a single  dollar right from the comfort of your  home this course is called cs50 and it’s  available for free on YouTube but what  makes this course so special that 5  million students have watched it within  the six months of posting on YouTube for  starters the course is taught by  Professor David Milan who has been also  called the most popular professor at  Harvard and let me tell you this guy  knows his stuff we have one more course  by him in our top five list today so  stay tuned the course is designed in a  way that beginners can easily follow  along it starts with basics of C but  it’s not just about coding cs50 teaches  you how to think like a programmer  breakdown problems and solve them using  logic and critical thinking and the best  part about cs50 is the problem sets  these are the weekly assignments that  challenge you to put what you have  learned into practice they range from  simple tasks like printing hello world  to building your own search engine if  you have any out whether you will be  able to learn programming using this  course go check out cs50 fairs where  students show off their final projects  from a virtual reality game to a machine  learning algorithm the projects are  truly impressive link to this course and  everything else that I’ll discuss today  can be found in the description  the hardest part about learning  programming isn’t the complexity of  programming itself but staying  consistent with your practice you start  off strong excited to finish every  exercise you can get your hands on but  then life gets in the way and weeks go  by without touching your code editor we  have all been there to solve this  problem we have a course called hundred  days of Code by Dr Angela Yu and it does  exactly what it promises it makes coding  part of your daily routine even if it’s  just for one hour that’s why I’ve  included this course in my top 5 list  even when the course is paid and very  long by the way this is the only paid  course on our list but how does this  course make sure you stay consistent  this course provides daily coding  challenges and real world projects that  help you stay on track even though the  main focus of this course is learning  python this course also introduces some  other topics like web development and  data science as a beginner it’s  important to explore different areas of  programming to determine what you enjoy  the most and you will get to do that  with this course but how much do you  have to pay for this course I have seen  this course go for 19 on YouTube me and  it comes with a 30-day money-back  guarantee you can always check this  course out and get your money back if  you don’t like it by the way this video  is not sponsored by udemy or anyone else  for that matter so if you want to  support us you can subscribe to the  channel  foreign  programming most of you might want to  get paid to write code one of the ways  to make good money is to get a job as a  programmer at a tech company in order to  do that you have to go through coding  interviews and the questions asked in  these coding interviews are very  different from what you have learned so  far most of these questions are based on  this very famous course called data  structures and algorithms or DSA which  is taught in most universities some  people watching this video might not  have a computer science degree like me  many simply did not learn DSA well  enough in college for those people we  have this course called algorithms by  Princeton University this course is  divided into two parts and taught using  Java Professor Sedgwick who is one of  the instructors of this course has been  teaching algorithms since the 1980s he  has even invented a few algorithms  himself the instructors of this course  have seen many algorithms come and go  during their careers their book on  algorithms has been a bestseller since  the 1980s needless to say they know what  they are talking about this course  covers a wide range of topics like  sorting searching graph algorithms  dynamic programming and more rather than  focusing on specific algorithms in  isolation this course covers the  fundamental concepts and techniques that  make the basis of many important  algorithms this helps students build a  deep understanding of the subject that  can be applied to a wide range of  problems in the interviews that’s what  makes this course the best course on  data structures and algorithms  foreign  requires a good understanding of math  which many of you might not have  additionally DSA path gets you hired in  generic positions and many of you might  want to work in specialized jobs one of  the most popular specializations that is  very high in demand is web development  the biggest problem with learning web  development is that this path is very  long and many people lose their track  when they try to learn web development  in an unstructured fashion to solve this  problem I recommend meta’s front-end  developer professional certificate on  Coursera if you want the certificate it  will cost you around 270 US dollars but  there is a way to audit the courses and  get them for free if you don’t really  care about the certificate so why do I  recommend this course well the course is  taught by meta staff who work in the  industry and have a good understanding  of the skills the tech companies are  looking for meta is also the creator of  react which is the most popular and most  in demand front-end Library so you’ll  learn the best practices in react using  this course this course is extremely  comprehensive and covers everything you  need to get an entry-level job as a  front-end developer it teaches the base  6 like HTML CSS and JavaScript it also  covers bootstrap which is a very popular  CSS framework we already covered react  which is a popular JavaScript library  you’ll also learn the basics of UI and  ux design using fegma the course ends  with a separate section on coding  interview preparation which is a must to  land a job I will link this course in  the description  everything that we have discussed so far  will only get you to the level of a  junior developer and there is a big gap  between a junior and a senior developer  that’s because a junior developer can  simply write and push code for the bug  that is assigned to them but a senior  developer has to make sure that the  systems this code gets deployed to do  not break down if the code is buggy  additionally they also need to ensure  that the system is designed in a way  that it can handle a large number of  user requests with low latency once  again let’s turn to Professor Milan to  help us understand how it’s done now  this is not a full course per se it’s  just an introductory video on how to  think about scalability but it’s a great  starting point because system design can  be quite overwhelming for some people  this video covers Basics like horizontal  scaling load balancing and caching it  also covers advanced concepts like data  partitioning and security if you’re  curious about what happens between the  time you type a URL and the website  loads you should definitely watch this  course now you know all the different  courses you can take to streamline your  programming Journey but you still don’t  know how to pick a roadmap that is  personalized for your background if want  me to help you with that watch this  video my name is sahil and I’ll see you  in the next one  


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