Class HTML Tutorial: Ids & Classes in HTML | Web Development Tutorials #10

Class HTML Tutorial: Ids & Classes in HTML | Web Development Tutorials #10
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Alright guys in our html course we saw many things  Now, here I will tell you about the ideal classes.  And ideal class is a very important concept.  If you haven’t accessed this playlist until now  Then access it and book mark it now, save it.  And let’s move forward.  And while moving forward I will write tutorial 10.  I will write tut10.html  And after that over here yes.  You guessed it right, I will add boiler plate.  And how to add boiler plate , I have already told. 


You just have to add this 1 and press enter . And your work will be done.  Now as you will do this. After that your body over here is empty now.  ok  so I will do go live.  If I go live then my document of title will get opened.  After that if I write over here  Id’s and classes in html  I will save it. So look over here.  Id’s and classes in html is written over here.  I will do one thing , add one heading over here.  And now. I will add h3.  And here I will write Id’s and classes tutorial.  And this will also come over here ok.


  Now. what am I going to do?  I will make a div ok.  I will say div and after that I will press enter  Then div will be formed.  But what am I going to do over here?  I am going to write div and after that I am going to write  Id=mainbox ok  Suppose I am going to write something like this.  Id=mainbox  And class= oops  I had to write class over here  Class= readbg  Ok, suppose I added these as classes.  Now, what does these two things mean?  Let’s understand this over here.  Look, suppose there is any child ok  When a child is born a name is given to him/her.



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