Website HTML & CSS for Beginners | FREE MEGA COURSE

Website HTML & CSS for Beginners | FREE MEGA COURSE
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A couple of years ago, I started to learn web design because I was  fascinated with colors, typography and website layouts.  Also because I wanted to make more money.  Soon after I got my first clients, and I started to notice that most of them also  wanted coding services because a static website design was useless to them.  They wanted a fully functional website.  And that’s why I decided to learn web development.  And because you’re watching this,  I suspect you might be in a similar position.


  Maybe you’re a designer who wants to branch out and learn development, or  maybe you’re a programmer who wants to expand your knowledge.  Your area of expertise and learn about the web side of things.  Or maybe you’re just someone who wants to learn something new and  exciting and for some reason you settled on web development.  Whatever the case may be, I think this free course is great for that,  because you’ll learn HTML and CSS.  These two languages are the main building blocks of any website. 


  It starts with HTML,  which is a markup language that defines the structure of a web page.  In the first part of the course, you will learn about HTML elements and  tags, lists ,working with images, creating forms and buttons and even using tables.  Then we move on to CSS which is a styling language that we use to make our  websites look pretty.  Here, you’ll learn about selectors, units, working with color,  styling text, setting dimensions, working with the box model,  working with borders, styling lists and backgrounds and positioning elements.


  You will also learn about Flexbox and CSS Grid and  also about making websites responsive with media queries.  At the very end, we’ll use our newly acquired knowledge of HTML and  CSS to build a simple web page.  Now at the end of this course you will also receive some exercises as homework.  And I highly recommend you do those because they will help you  assimilate the information a lot better.  You’ll find all the resources that I used in this course  along with links for the homework in the video description. 



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