Class How to Write a C++ Class

Class How to Write a C++ Class
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Hey wassup guys! My name is The Cherno. Welcome back to my C++  series. Today we gonna take what we learn our  classes so far and haven’t gone actually writing a class from scratch.  Am not gonna take it too far today, we’re not gonna write some  massive complicated class. We’re just gonna write a basic log class  that should demonstrate some of the basic phases we have learnt so far.  Over the next few episodes we’re going to keep working on this class and so introduce new concepts  so you get to see the process .


and the difference from a basic version of   to a more advanced. Version that does the same thing but  could be considered as a . Better card.But first this video     Alright, so let’s talk about this Log class that we’re about to write . What is Log class? So this Log  is going to be a way  for us to manage a log messages . So another way it’s  messages or information that we want our program  to print to the console.  This is usually used for debugging purposes and really helps us out  in out game or application,


we can use to just print out what’s going on        in our game or something that might be a little  different and it might not work all the time  because if there is something wrong with our graphics rendering system or something like that  we might not get those messages printing properly, however,  a console? is something that basically is built into the operating system  so we can pretty much guarantee that will always work  I also really like the idea of using a log class  as an example because a logging system can be  as simple or as complicated as you wanted to be.




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