Figma UI Design Tutorial: Get Started in Just 20 Minutes (2022) – Hindi

Figma UI Design Tutorial: Get Started in Just 20 Minutes (2022) – Hindi
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Hey guys how are you I am  In today’s video we will learn about. Figma  Only in 20 to 22 minutes  but many people thought. That Fig ma is only UI designing Application  But I would say it is not like that.  But Figma is more over it you can do many things in FIGMA,   Like logo design, Icon designing, social media post and much more  Keeping this in mind, I have also planned a tutorial where I will showing you  to create 3d frosted Icon  But, then I realize, That this tutorial become a little bit advanced for you  Because, In it we will have to cover many tools and technique.


   If you want you can use figma directly on online browser  or you can use and download figma application  I personally prefer desktop application  Once you logged in your desktop application will open  Which will look like this  These are some of my online projects and practice that I am doing  So, obviously you’re interface is completely blank  You will see three options that will new file, new figma jam file and import file  Now, you have to go here and click on new design file  Because obviously we need to create new design  When does you click.


 basically the layer you will create their properties is listed in this right side panel  This panel is also divided into three sections design, prototype, inspect  We does not need inspect or prototype, were only concern is with design  Okay.. So, here are two section in layers panel, one is page  and then cover section or layer section   What is page secion, basically the documents that we create in photoshop  they will open in different panels, like that we can make pages  Like that we can make pages  So, we can create as many pages as we want.




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