Class Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners

Class Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners
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 I will show you how you  can persist data in kube rnetes .Using  volumes we will cover three components  of kubernetes storage persistent volume  persistent volume. Claim and storage  class and see what each component does  and how it’s created and used for data  persistence.  Consider a case where you have a mySQL  database part which your application  uses data gets added updated. In the  database maybe you create a new database  with a new user Etc but default when you  restart. The Pod all those changes will  be gone because kubernetes doesn’t give.


Need storage manually and that can be  tedious time consuming .And can get messy  very quickly so to make this process  more efficient there is a third  component. Of kubernetes persistence  called storage  storage  basically creates or Provisions  persistent volumes .Dynamically whenever  PVC claims it and this way creating or  provisioning volumes in a cluster may be  automated  .Storage  also gets created using  yaml configuration file so this is an  example file where you have the. Kind  storage   storage creates persistent volumes  dynamic


In the background so  remember we Define storage backend in. The persistent volume component now we  have to Define it in the storage  . Component and we do that using the  provisioner attribute  which is the main part of. The storage  class configuration because it tells  kubernetes .Which provisioner to be used  for a specific storage platform or cloud  provider to create the persistent. Volume  component out of it so each storage  backend has its. Own provisioner that  kubernetes offers internally which are  prefixed with kubernetes.




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