Access Beginner Tutorial

Access Beginner Tutorial
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Good day one and all and welcome to    Microsoft Access 2016 .Module one as you    can see my name is Dan McAllister and. I    will be your instructor today in module    one we’re going to talk about the parts.  Of a database the objects that create it    how they relate to each other but. I    think the first thing we should do is go    grab some practice files so. I would    recommend put your video on pause go get    the practice files that we’ll need for.  Today’s class they’re going to arrive in    a zipped version and I’m going to drop    mine out on the desktop.


And then we can    talk about how to extract our files from    the zip. Version never try to work on    files inside a zipped folder always .Extract them first so put your video on    pause go get our practice files download . The zip folder and when we come back    we’ll talk about how to extract them    from the zip folder so put our video on    pause go get your practice files all    right welcome back I’m gonna now step    out to my desktop where I have    downloaded my practice files and here    they are in the zipped version so I’m    going to double click on them to open up .


   the zipped version of this folder you    can see the filename extension here dot    zip and again I was mentioning a moment    ago never try to work on files while    they are zipped so the next thing we    need to do is extract all those files so    I’m going to click on this button right    here to extract my files    and when I do that you can see that    because I place mine on the desktop the    extracted version is going to be on my    desktop as well so that’s what I’m going    to recommend that you do with yours now    depending on what browser you’re using .




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